Twitter Shares New Insights into the Rise of Health and Wellness Discussion via Tweet [Infographic] – Social Media Today

With the pandemic keeping all of us locked indoors, and serving as a key reminder associated with health dangers, more people are now looking to engage with wellness-related topics, as they seek out new ways to stay fit, stay healthy and make positive lifestyle changes for themselves plus their family.

That trend is evident on Tweets, where wellness-related topics have seen big increases in engagement of late, according to the latest trend report from the app .

As explained by Twitter :

“Engagement within the wellness conversation is growing because people seek like-minded individuals for information and support as they improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. These jumps in wedding show that the wellbeing conversation will be resonating on the timeline, so consider what you can offer to people working towards healthier habits.

To glean some more insight on this, Twitter partnered with AdWeek in order to look at key tweet trends in health and wellbeing, plus how the conversation is usually evolving via tweet.

Some of the key findings:

  • Wellness conversations have seen an 84% increase in impressions year-over-year
  • Twitter users are increasingly looking to inform and encourage one another on health-related topics
  • Men are right now equally engaged with health topics across the timeline

You can check out Twitter’s full health and fitness report here , with an expanded statement from AdWeek , or take a look in the infographic summary below.

Twitter wellness report

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