Top Health & Wellness Trends To Watch For In 2021 – Refinery29

Traditional Western medicine has typically had a solutions-oriented approach to wellbeing. Meaning: It focuses on treating health problems after they crop up. But recently, consumers have been pushing back, demanding a more preventive approach. We want to know how to stay healthy to prevent problems in the first place. And the pandemic accelerated that shift. “It immediately strengthened the case for what I would call responsible, preventative wellness , ” McGroarty told Refinery29. By that she means an emphasis on exercise, healthful food, sleep, and stress reduction, which she refers to as “the pillars of wellbeing, which have this huge evidence-based impact on preventing underlying conditions. ” So , less powders and potions that vaguely claim to “boost immunity” and more science-backed strategies that will support your body’s individual needs.

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