Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August – Trend Hunter

The August 2022 lifestyle trends include health and wellness, emerging cuisine, and consumer entertainment. This month’s capsule captures prominent aspects of consumer lifestyles that are shifting to accommodate personal needs and new priorities.

One notable example comes from Adeline Leon — a student from Brunel University — and is a new device designed to help women manage iron deficiency. MyHemo’s new smart health system features progress trackers, the community page, a schedule, and data visualization. The particular app hopes to “assist women with iron deficiency adhere in order to their medical regime, ” including their iron intake and embracing healthier diets.

Another less health-related trend from the August 2022 lifestyle trend arrives from Heinz. The ketchup brand recently launched a Spoon Friez — the spoon made of fries that creates the perfect eating experience. The edible utensils ensure the ideal condiment-to-fry ratio and were only given away as part of a sweepstakes for National Fries Day.

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