Top 100 Health Trends in August – Trend Hunter

The August 2022 health round-up spotlights both ambitious design concepts and everyday products that can support one’s well-being.

With respect to the first category, this list calls attention in order to healthcare company Thumbay Group which is employing virtual reality plus augmented reality technologies to bring UAE’s first metaverse hospital to life. MyHemo, on the other hand, is a wonderful student project by Adeline Leon who seeks ways in order to help women with iron deficiencies adhere to their medical regimens.

On the day-to-day wellness front, the August 2022 health list draws attention to a brand new organization. April— a new venture simply by Estrid, Europe’s largest online razor brand—boasts a vegan subscription supplement range. Each formulation is an unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals geared to support one’s cognitive function, immune system, energy levels, collagen production, skin health, and more.

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