The Wellness Trends Set To Take Over 2023 – Glam

We all love a good smoky eye or pouty lip, but trends suggest that our interest as a society is moving away from endless makeup products and more toward natural beauty — namely, with emphasis on high-quality skincare. Data through Statista reveals that make-up sales dropped by 19% between 2019 and 2020. Skincare sales, on the other hand, remained dominant, representing the full 42% of the particular global cosmetics market — versus makeup’s mere 16%.

In their 2023 beauty forecast, Trendalytics identifies this shifting mindset as “New Natural, ” a trend that will values the clean, fresh aesthetic. As they put it, New Natural is all about hydrated skin and minimal makeup products. And already, we can see these predictions reflected in an overall shift in our favorite makeup looks. In many circles, heavy contouring is out in favor of subtler techniques, such as soft sculpting plus transparent eyeliner . The particular idea is to use makeup minimally to enhance your natural beauty, with more importance placed on the quality and health of your skin itself. And this shift is gaining ground — already, the hashtag #cleanlook has over 250 million views on TikTok .

Of course, there will still be a time and place for bold, extra makeup looks within 2023. But even for makeup lovers who hate to leave the house without a full face, it stands to reason that skincare would become a crucial part of any daily regimen. After all, high quality skincare may help prep your face to serve as the perfect canvas for your desired makeup.   So expect to embrace skin care as your beauty go-to this year.

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