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By Police1 Staff

FRISCO, Texas  — Police1 is excited to launch the first in a series of Policing Matters Roll Call videos.

Each video series will be led by Policing Issues podcast host Jim Dudley, who will  interview  guests to provide nuggets of information intended to be  viewed during roll call training.

The first series focuses on  practical strategies for LEOs to improve their health featuring Dr. David Black, founder of  Lexipol’s Cordico wellness solution , and Cordico Strategic Wellness Director Mandy Nice.

“Today’s first responders are expected to observe, orient, decide, act, perform  and recover with superhuman speed and accuracy.   The practical, science-based tips in these short videos will support their own success plus safety simply by helping them upgrade their particular sleep, fitness, nutrition, daily energy and more.   We encourage everyone to benefit from these tips and share all of them to help advance industrywide support with regard to first responder health and wellness, ” said Mandy Nice.

The particular series features six video clips that focus on different aspects of LEO health:

About Policing Matters

Policing Matters is a weekly podcast delivering the latest news and critical issues impacting police officers. Join Deputy Chief  Jim Dudley   (ret. ) every week as he sits down with law enforcement leaders, law enforcement officers and criminal justice experts to discuss policing strategies, trends plus challenges. Whether your badge says patrol, chief, or detective, you’ll find enlightening conversation around all matters impacting  the law enforcement profession right now.   Listen on  Apple  Podcasts ,   Amazon Music ,   Stitcher ,   Spotify , and  RSS feed .

About Cordico

The Cordico wellbeing app is used by first responder agencies across the particular country to supply 24/7 confidential access in order to easy-to-use health and fitness resources and support, including anonymous self-assessments, instructional movies and one-touch access to local mental health providers, peer support team members plus chaplains. On-demand tools target more than 60 behavioral health topics, such as crucial incidents, depression, trauma and suicide risk. The Cordico wellness solution also includes entry to a library of online accredited wellness courses. For more information, visit  https://www.cordico.com/ .

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