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Synthesio, an Ipsos company

Synthesio, an Ipsos company

NEW YORK, Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synthesio, a good Ipsos organization and global leader within AI-enabled consumer intelligence (AICI), has released a new statement exploring #Wellness conversations on Twitter to uncover the top trends that brand marketers and insights pros need to know as they head into 2023.

The Birdseye Report , released as part of the Twitter Official Partner Program (TOPP), examines  seven audiences through the lens associated with social conversations to reveal distinct audience behaviors, demographic, firmographic, and geographic information, interest affinities, as well as ways that brands can stay ahead. Using their industry-leading AICI platform, Synthesio and Ipsos analyzed millions of Tweets and online searches to understand what wellness means in order to consumers, plus how it impacts the way they think, feel, and behave.

“It’s more important than ever to have a deep understanding of your target audience when striving to create innovative marketing strategies. The new Birdseye Wellness Communities Report built by Synthesio delves into the millions of conversations around wellness on Twitter. Throughout the report, Synthesio presents unique insights to tap into the importance of unsolicited feedback within the wellness space, ” says Gregory Maxson, Senior Manager associated with Developer Platform Partnerships. “Each insight presented inside the report allows for businesses, marketers, communicators, and advertisers to set a solid foundation and plan for reaching this audience effectively in 2023. ”

The report analyzes 16 physical and mental health topics from fitness and weight loss to anxiety, depression, and body image. It aims to understand why consumers are embracing new, holistic definitions of wellness plus uncover how brands can deliver products, services, and experiences that better meet consumers’ needs. Leveraging our cutting-edge data science capabilities, the statement also features trend forecasts for key topics like sleep plus nutrition based on consumer behavior on both Twitter and Google Search.

“Conversations around wellness plus mental health concerns are booming online. By tapping into Twitter insights, we have an unique lens to see what really matters to consumers, ” said Synthesio’s CMO Allen Bonde. “We are usually excited to showcase our new report, not only because it offers marketers and researchers exciting brand new insights, but it also showcases the benefits of our hybrid AICI approach, which blends human and machine intelligence. ”

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About Synthesio

Synthesio , an Ipsos company, is a global leader in AI-enabled customer intelligence. Our hybrid offering provides companies, brands, plus agencies with the most complete, accurate, and predictive picture associated with their markets and buyers. Our AICI platform, powered by the most advanced natural language understanding and AI algorithms, supports the broadest set of on the internet and offline data sources and fully leverages Ipsos’ award-winning analytical frameworks. Synthesio was founded in 2006 and has offices in New York, Paris, London, Singapore, and Brussels.

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