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January 2023 is right around the corner and now is a perfect time to start building or finalizing your January editorial calendar. For publishers plus content creators, creating content around trends is a great way to garner traffic and keep your site relevant. We’ve compiled a list of topics predicted to trend in The month of january 2023. Using data from SHE Media’s owned and operated properties ( SheKnows , StyleCaster , Soaps ), as well because published data from Google Trends, Pinterest Predicts 2023 , plus other industry reports and insights.  

This list of trending topics spans various niches, however , a recurring theme is the continued rise of sustainability, mindfulness, and the pursuit associated with immersive experiences. See Jan trending subjects below.

New Year 2023

New Year’s resolutions

Brand new Year Traditions

Book lists and recommendations

NYE parties – fashion, fireworks, places to go

New Year’s nail designs

Travel Destinations

New Year’s Day sales

Kid-friendly NYE events

2023 Self-Care Journals 

2023 Habit Trackers

Christmas tree disposal

Food Industry

Vitamin Seaweed

Honey Alternatives

Dinner-party style restaurants

Sustainable kids’ Meals

Plant-based Pasta /Pasta alternatives

Tik Tok trendy foods

Non-alcoholic spirits

Tinned Fish

Nostalgic Foods


International Cuisine

Fashion & Beauty

Padded Puffers

Puffer Boots

Long /maxi Skirts

Sparkly/Sequin Outfits

Sheer Pieces


Purple Items

Chain Belts

Fringe and Tassels

Leather Parts

School Girl inspired Outfits 

Fashion Week

Relaxed Denim

Elevated Basics


Ballet Flats

Minimalism in Skincare

Sustainable Elegance

Crown care

Health & Wellness

Mental Health focus

Mindful drinking

Primal Movement fitness activities


Remote healthcare

Remote control therapy

Mini Meditation


Herb Growing

Virtual plus at-home workouts

Wellness Tips

Finding balance

Music Therapy


Fresh York Fashion Week

Online shopping

Working through home

Home workspace design

Hygge home style


Spending time outdoors

Immersive food encounters

TV tourism and travel


Fourth trimester

Baby names

Winter baby titles

Building relationships with children

How to reduce screentime

Psychological health for kids

Mental health with regard to teenagers

Warm clothes for kids

Organic baby food

Parenting books

Elderly Care

Teaching kids about Civil Rights

MLK Jr. facts/history

Sleeping tips for babies


Nepotism Babies / Nepo Baby 

Avatar – Way of Water

Barbie Movie

Rave party aesthetic

Behind the scene videos

More streaming


Valentine’s Day 

Romantic date ideas

Gift ideas (gifts for him, gifts for her, gift ideas for new couples)


Galentine’s Day time

Red outfit ideas 

Creative date suggestions

Valentine’s Time desserts

Valentine’s floats

Family Valentine’s traditions

Valentine’s crafts for children

DIY Valentine’s gifts

Sustainable Valentine’s gifts

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We see our SHE Media Collective partners begin to gain traction with traffic when they are publishing 3-5 high-quality blog posts each week. With what we know about January RPM trends , it’s also an ideal time to increase your posting frequency.

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