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1 – ‘We need to play our part’: French beauty brand Caudalie works to extend its sustainable mission in order to SEA

French skin care brand Caudalie is aiming to lengthen its work in sustainability to the South East Asian region ​, where it believes it can broaden discussions about eco-consciousness.

The brand was established in 1995 and after more than two decades, the brand is still privately-owned by its co-founders, Mathilde plus Bertrand Thomas. Today, Caudalie is best known for its vinotherapy skin care products, inspired by the family’s vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

Caudalie considers itself a pioneer in the particular clean and lasting beauty movement, especially in the luxury beauty sector.

“For many years, the beauty industry thought that you couldn’t be a luxury brand whilst being a clean and environmentally friendly brand, but things are changing. In 2022, we believe that will sustainability is the new luxury and soon all brands will realise that being sustainable is not just a marketing gimmick but a necessity, ” ​ said Mathilde Jones.

2 – ‘Not for vanity’s sake’: Biotech firm Renovatio focusing R& D towards therapeutic skin treatment

Australia-based firm Renovatio ​  Bioscience believes skin care innovation is moving towards the particular development of therapeutic treatments ​ for serious skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Renovatio Bioscience was founded in 2016 plus has a range of health, wellness and beauty cosmetic items that contain activated phenolics extracted from apples.

This ingredient will be extracted using a technique developed simply by Renovatio founder and technical director Dr Vincent Candrawinata, which extracts the phenolic antioxidants with water. The result is an antioxidant that is water-based and not chemically synthesised.

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