Health Trends To Try In 2022 – The List

Unrealistic beauty standards have become increasingly concerning for people, especially now that there is a filter for just about any look you want. To combat this harmful trend, some women are turning towards embracing a more natural look for 2022 (via Glossy ). This new focus on skincare and health by wearing less makeup and going for more simplified daily looks indicate women are taking back control over both their elegance and mental health.

Alicia Keys famously promoted the no-makeup movement back in 2017 when she published a personal essay on Lenny Letter about her decision to be more confident in her natural appearance. Keys said she had started feeling that without make-up, “I was not good enough for the world to see. This particular started manifesting on many levels, plus it had not been healthy. ”

Since then, more women have joined inside by putting on lighter makeup, or skipping makeup altogether, as a way of reclaiming their confidence and protecting their psychological health. After all, psychiatrist  Dr. Josie Howard told  InStyle , “People begin to expect themselves to look like their filtered self and can become obsessed with achieving that will in the real world, which leaves them depressed, anxious, lonely, plus disappointed. ” So, it may be worth it to embrace your imperfections and stop reaching for something that is unattainable.

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