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Data in this article is from Euromonitor International’s annual Voice of the Customer: Health plus Nutrition Survey, which was fielded between January-February 2022.  

We surveyed more than 20, 000 individuals across twenty markets around the world to explore how lifestyles and attitudes towards health are changing. All so we can help businesses understand what buyers are looking for, which in turn will strengthen marketing and sales strategies.  

Here’s what we found.  

Perception of health varies by region, with Europeans at the bottom

At least 70% associated with global consumers consider their health to be “good”, “very good”, or “excellent”. Respondents from the Middle East, Africa and Latin America showed the most confidence in their health rankings. More than four inside ten customers in these regions rate their own health as very good or excellent, while European consumers trail behind.  

Consumer Self-Rating of Health in 2022 

Source: Euromonitor International, Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition Survey, 2022, fielded in Jan/Feb 2022 

reflect its aging population which is considerably higher than other regions. However, even Europeans who are aged 30 plus above are less likely compared to their counterparts in other countries in order to report very good or even excellent wellness.

Self-Rating of Wellness – Excellent or Very Good


Health and mental wellbeing are closely linked

Consumers across all regions mostly associate ‘being healthy’ along with mental wellbeing. When asked “what does being healthy mean to you? ” two from the top five responses directly connect to mental and emotional wellness.    

How people define health inside 2022:

  1. Mental wellbeing (65%)  
  2. Having a healthy immune system (62%)  
  3. Getting enough sleep (59%)  
  4. Feeling ‘good’ (58%)  
  5. Emotional wellbeing (56%)  

The drop in self-health ratings among Europeans aged 15-29 plus 30-44 could also be influenced simply by the growing financial and personal stress, as they enter the workforce and take on a lot more familial responsibilities.  

Even though high stress levels are common amongst European customers, they are also minimum likely to participate in stress reduction activities. Nearly half of the survey respondents in all other areas indicated that they regularly participate in stress reduction activities, compared with only one-quarter of Europeans.    

Participation in Stress Reduction Activities, 2022

Source: Euromonitor International, Voice of the Consumer: Health insurance and Nutrition Study, 2022, fielded in Jan/Feb 2022 (n=20, 236) 

For the particular consumers who proactively take steps to relieve themselves from stress plus anxiety, their particular approach in order to how this is carried out varies across regions. Latin Americans are most likely to use exercise and general physical activities as an outlet for their stress. Conversely, consumers in the Mid dle East plus Africa tend to turn toward vitamins and supplements. North Americans are more likely to take a pharmaceutical approach and visit healthcare providers for prescription medications.    

Digital health care solutions may face headwinds among cautious consumers 

Customers turned to telemedicine and embraced the growing role of technology within healthcare during the pandemic. But comfort levels in using health-related technology has dropped in Europe. This could be a symptom of consumers having reached the peak associated with their tolerance of using health-related tech.  

Source: Euromonitor International, Tone of voice of the particular Consumer: Health and Nourishment Survey, 2022, fielded inside Jan/Feb 2022 (n=20, 236) . Showing respondents who selected “very” or “extremely comfortable”.  

In line with their hesitancy in order to use online platforms plus apps with regard to medical advice or treatment, European consumers outpace their own peers in other locations when it comes to trusting doctors and pharmacists when they can see them in person.

Trustworthy Sources of Wellness Information and Advice Source: Euromonitor International, Voice of the Consumer: Health and Diet Survey, 2022, fielded inside Jan/Feb 2022 (n=20, 236). Showing participants who chosen “ extremely trustworthy or even “moderately trustworthy” .      

More about the Tone of voice from the Customer: Into the Nutrition Survey  

As new trends across health and nutrition emerge plus information regarding various ailments and illnesses are shared on more channels than ever before, it is important for companies and brands to understand consumer perceptions and habits when it comes to their particular health choices .    

To effectively help businesses track this, we worked with our in-house industry experts plus analysts alongside key players within the industry, to create this survey, which covers the wide array of topics and key trends within areas such as packaged food, consumer health and sports nourishment.  

Key Questions the particular Voice of the Consumer: Health and Nutrition Survey Answers 

  • What customer needs are usually driving innovation in vitamins and supplements?  
  • Who are the key consumers within sports diet?  
  • What is the best way in order to target specific consumers that are stressed and worried about mental well-being?  
  • How are customers medical habits and preferences changing?  
  • How can you tailor your services and products to what your key consumers value?  
  • Where will certainly your sales and marketing investments make the majority of impact inside food and nutrition?  

Euromonitor International’s Consumer Insights Offering 

Euromonitor designs consumer and business survey in-house, using input from research experts plus clients. Our offering includes eight yearly Voice of the Consumer tracking surveys, fifteen annual Voice from the Industry studies of professionals, and full custom study capabilities to uncover holistic solutions in the particular context associated with wider market and market trends.  

These capabilities live in Passport, Euromonitor’s one stop shop for sector, economies and consumer data. Connect along with our team to learn more.    

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