Comments/Feeds “I am a very happy mother that would like tell of my experience with Beall's Compounding Pharmacy. My daughter developed an Orbitol Hemangioma in her left eye socket shortly after she was born. She was prescribed a rare medication called Propranolol by her eye doctor and pediatrician. This medication required constant dosage adjustments each time she gained weight. This medication was a break though drug for treating heart conditions. It was found to treat my daughter’s ailment as well. I want to thank all the staff of this pharmacy for being extremely courteous, very prompt and attentive to my daughters needs. I would highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone. Thank you to the staff and pharmacist Mark Norris.”
Very Respectfully, Kathy R.

“Let me tell you about Beall’s Compounding Pharmacy…If you want a pharmacy that you can trust to be honest, caring, and courteous…If you want to deal with staff that makes you feel that you matter to them; then Beall’s Compounding is the place to go. They have filled my prescriptions for approximately 10 years and I wouldn’t think of going to any other place.”
Sara R.

“I have been a Beall’s customer since 1997 and have been extremely satisfied with their concern for me, their professionalism in explaining how this compounded medicine works, and contact with the doctor on any questions I might have. They are timely in the product being ready on time and that is important as I live 30 minutes away. I definitely recommend Beall's!”
Denis G.