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That men don’t groom themselves or indulge in self-care at all is a misguided notion, resulting from years of dismissal of their concerns and into many years of further suppression of their needs, according to Samarth Sindhi. To break stereotypes around what have become taboo topics of men’s health plus wellness, Sindhi founded Telangana-based D2C startup Good Health Company (GHC) in 2021.


“We believe that men do care for their personal health and wellness, but due to past stereotypes, men have no one to turn to with their issues. Be it regarding their hair, weight or sexual performance, men simply cannot be open about their own problems publicly, ” said Sindhi, CEO and founder, GHC.

Aiming to address this gap in men’s healthcare space, GHC decided in order to provide the kind of solutions which already existed, to some extent, for similar issues faced by women. The company’s efforts were driven by the fundamental idea of free plus private consultations to facilitate frank conversations among males about their particular health. GHC soon launched a digital health clinic that delivers elective healthcare options at the patient’s doorstep. The startup also provides diet plans and personalized coaching for customers who need it.

The road to fundraise was not without its struggles though. GHC had in order to win the investors’ confidence on a number of counts: the significance of a digital health clinic to sell optional healthcare solutions for men; the particular possible impact of such a business venture on the lives of people; the roadmap to profitability; etc. In late October this year, the company raised $10 million within a Series A funding round led by Left Lane Capital.

How does Sindhi estimate the current market scene, which is currently populated simply by rival brands such as the Bombay Shaving Company and Beardo at least in the grooming categories? “The market size for mens health and wellness space is 10 dollars billion. We feel a consultation-first approach and providing a mix of prescription and alternative medicine which show effective results within a time frame lead to brand loyalty plus repeat usage. Hence we provide online consultation and personalized solutions to our clients, ” he responds.

According to him, GHC’s unique blend associated with products, consultation-first approach and time-bound results position the startup in order to become the market leader in the future. The particular company is continuously developing more products as well as new customer engagement models, such as apps to track health progress, to expand its market share, he asserts.

“After launching, we observed that many women are also using our consultations and after speaking with them, all of us decided to launch women’s brand name Saturn, which usually has grown rapidly over the last nine months, ” claims Sindhi. GHC further plans to diversify its portfolio to include categories such as sleep, nutrition, menstrual health plus PCOS to cater to both men and women’s healthcare needs.

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