7 health and wellness trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022 – Stylist Magazine

You’ve heard about tracking your water intake, step count plus active minutes, but what about mood tracking? According to Dr Rogers, the simple act of using a journal to track your own emotions is going to be big in 2022.

“After a turbulent year that’s placed great pressure on our mental health, mood journaling is becoming more and a lot more popular, ” Dr Rogers explains. “Keeping a mood journal, or emotion journal, can be an useful way to get in order to the root associated with lingering negative feelings (and increase positive ones).

“This allows you to recognise negative emotions and take action to help these feelings, whether it’s opening up to a friend, loved one or even mental professional. Writing down your feelings has been shown to reduce your feelings of anxiety and depression, too”.

Looking after your own immune system

With the pandemic still looming large – especially since the arrival of the new Omicron variant – looking after our own natural defences will remain an important part of our wellness and wellness in 2022, Dr Rogers says.

“We’re still navigating our way out of the global coronavirus pandemic, so looking after yourself has never been more important, ” she explains. “A strong immune system isn’t something you develop overnight but instead boosting your health plus fitness in the weeks leading upward to the much-anticipated event can make a huge difference. ”

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