5 Wellness Trends That Will Define 2022 – Women’s Health

The fitness industry loves a new trend and when it comes to wellness, we’re predicting that these will be the trends that not only cause the stir, but also have staying power.

As 2021 begins to shuffle off its mortal coil, we once again turn to the New Year and the hopes and promises it might bring. These empty days of the particular calendar are a time of reflection plus self-assessment, they are the days in order to sit and be honest with ourselves, to think of the particular lofty goals we set months prior and those that we may have since bargained with in the interim. With the blank slate of a New Year, its just natural that our minds once more look to set some resolutions plus, if you’re like most of the population, it’s fair to say that some – if not most – of these will revolve around fitness, health and wellness. After all, if we learned anything in 2021 it’s which our health is a priority.  

While it is safe to express that the particular fitness business loves a trend, most tend to come and go faster than a viral TikTok dance craze. And while it may make for some excitement, whenever it comes to committing to a routine, we gravitate towards all those trends that have staying-power. Fortunately, the New Year guarantees to deliver a number of wellbeing trends that will be sure to excite. From sexual wellness in order to adaptogenic drinks and health and fitness, here are the biggest trends we predict being everywhere in 2022.  


In the particular Whole Foods Market’s Styles Council’s annual Top 10 Food Trends list, this term came to the foreground: reducetarianism. You may have heard of paleo and keto, but this new trend is all about reducing the impact we possess on the planet and being more mindful associated with what types of foods we’re eating. And when you consider the particular climate crisis and the need for urgent and sustainable action, it’s a pretty great starting place.  

If you’re plant-curious or someone who reduces their intake of meat but isn’t quite ready to give it up completely, reducetarianism is an excellent place to begin. It means reducing your consumption of meats, dairy plus eggs, without having in order to cut them out totally. And, when you do opt for animal products, this encourages a person to think more carefully about your choices, like opting for premium grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs.  

Adaptogenic Drinks

You might have frequented the local supermarket to see shelves normally stocked with booze suddenly sporting new varieties of non-alcoholic beverages. Reflecting a rise in the particular sober-curious mindset, more and more people are gravitating towards non-alcoholic drinks and now, it appears adaptogenic beverages will be the next big thing. Should you be not familiar along with adaptogenic drinks, adaptogens basically help your own body adapt to stress and other ailments. Along with herbs, roots and mushrooms having the moment, it makes sense that we’ll next see the rise of adaptogens. While they don’t eliminate stress necessarily, they do help you better cope with circumstances that might be stressful by regulating hormones.


In years past, hiking may have been thought of as an old person’s activity, but now things have got changed. When lockdown saw us all indoors plus unable to proceed outside or travel outside a five kilometre radius of our homes, the outside world suddenly started calling to us and today, it is safe in order to say that we’ll no longer be taking this for granted. In 2022, it’s predicted that outdoor fitness would be the biggest trend, and a lot more people will be seeking adventures through activities like hiking.  

Immune Health

Never have we been so acutely aware of our immune health as now, and it’s set to become a buzzword for 2022 with things like “immune-boosting” products are sure to line the shelves. But while defense health is largely fostered from the particular earliest part of life and all of us might not be able to do a complete overhaul, there are usually still things we can implement in order to assist it and ensure our immunity thrives. Consider eating healthfully, getting a good night’s sleep and taking care of gut health.  

Sexual Wellness

Ah, the rise associated with sexual health and fitness – something we can all get around. Where it used to be the case that people left high school clueless about issues regarding intimacy, arousal plus our own desire, now the number of sex influencers are looking to remove the particular stigma around topics like sex and ensure we know more about affirmative consent compared to ever before. It coincides with a growing popularity in sex toys, along with a number of celebrities now entering the market. In 2022, it’s believed sex wellness will certainly be a hot topic, seen as a vital part of self-care. According to the report within 2020 by pleasure product brand Tenga , 84 per cent of Americans now recognise masturbation as a form of self-care, compared to just 44 per cent in 2016.  

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