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If you run a business in the health and wellness industries, influencer marketing may be a powerful tool. Running a marketing campaign with these popular content creators can help you reach your ideal audience. This method is powerful for a huge array of brands, whether you’re an influencer advertising expert looking for new partnerships within the healthcare niche or a newbie who wonders things like “ what is Cameo? ” or “how do influencer campaigns work? ” Here are some top influencers in the particular field that may be relevant to your business.

What is a Health Influencer?

Have you ever wondered “ what’s a good influencer ? ” Influencers are often social media personalities, bloggers, or online content creators who can influence their audience in a particular area. Health influencers would include those that often post about wellness trends, healthy food, plus fitness.

Why You Should Consider Partnering with the Health Changer

If you’re thinking about utilizing influencer marketing and advertising within the health and wellness field, here are some top benefits:

  • Expand your audience: Influencers already have their own following. Joining up with them allows you to reach more people than you would just by posting content to your own audience.
  • Build trust with consumers: Influencers also already have a rapport with their followers. People believe in them in order to vet brands they function with. So their endorsement may mean more than those customers just seeing a random advertisement.
  • Increase brand awareness: Consumers often need to interact with a brand multiple times before buying. By working along with multiple influencers in your industry, you may build the awareness needed to increase sales over time.
  • Demonstrate results: It’s easy for brands to make claims about their outcomes. But consumers don’t always believe all of them. Health influencers often article their personal experience with various products or services to show these results from a real person.
  • Reduce stigma: Some health products or services may come with stigmas attached. However , an influencer acknowledging their struggles with things like mental health or even hair loss may help customers feel less alone, and thus more likely to acknowledge plus try numerous remedies.

Top Wellness Influencers to Work With in 2022

If you’re searching for interpersonal media influencers to work with within the health and wellness space, here are 14 best names in order to consider.

1 . Mark Hyman, M. D.

Niche: functional medicine

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram

Followers: one 9 million

Mark Hyman is a functional medicine doctor who has published multiple cookbooks and offers insights about food and fitness. Posts cover a wide array of topics, through foods that will limit inflammation in the body to habits that promote psychological well-being. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author and publishes numerous articles on functional medicine topics. This account may be most relevant for healthcare manufacturers related to alternative wellness.

2. Melissa Wood Tepperberg

Niche: Fitness and Wellness

Primary Social Media Channel: Instagram

Followers: 1 million

Melissa Wooden Tepperberg will be a popular wellness changer on Instagram and YouTube. She even has her own app with workouts and other wellness content. She even posts regarding family and lifestyle content. So her accounts could be relevant for a wide array associated with brands.

3. Amanda Rocchio

Market: Nutrition plus Fitness

Main Social networking Channel: Instagram

Fans: 1. 5 million

Amanda (Meixner) Rocchio runs the well-known Instagram accounts @meowmeix. As one of the top Instagram influencers in the particular nutrition market, she often posts simple recipes and food facts, with some health and fitness content mixed in. She even sometimes touches on personal subjects like eating disorders. Food brands, physical fitness equipment, plus supplements may all end up being relevant in order to her target audience.

4. Cory L. Rodriguez

Specialized niche: Nutrition and Fitness

Major Social media marketing Route: Instagram

Supporters: 800, 000

Cory L. Rodriguez is usually a well-known health coach who posts about a wide array associated with subjects. Content often focuses on nutrition, fitness, supplements, plus mental health. These are usually often simple tips or swaps that will followers can make on a daily basis. So there are plenty of opportunities to work brand name partnerships into this type of content material.

5. Luke Coutinho

Niche: Holistic Health

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram

Followers: 500, 000

Luke Coutinho offers a good integrative approach to wellness in his social media balances. Content ranges from health and fitness advice in order to mindset shifts that may impact overall wellbeing. In addition to their online articles, he frequently speaks at conferences and events within his specialized niche. So companies looking for speakers and/or online partners might benefit.

6. Dr . Sanjay Gupta

Niche: Healthcare

Main Social Media Route: Twitter

Followers: two. 5 million

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is a medical doctor, professor, podcaster, plus CNN correspondent. Content covers a huge variety of topics, from heart health to infectious diseases. There aren’t a ton of brand partnerships upon his Twitter account. But he is definitely active on some other platforms as well and has a popular health podcast.

7. Doctor. Rachel Paul, PhD, RD

Specific niche market: Nutrition

Main Social Media Station: Instagram

Followers: 600, 000

Dr. Rachel Paul is a registered dietician who posts simple meals and weight management tips for busy women. Her account, @collegenutritionist usually features foods made along with grocery store ingredients, as well as healthful options in popular restaurants.

8. Linn Lowes

Niche: Health and fitness

Primary Social networking Funnel: Instagram

Followers: 2. 9 million

Linn Lowes can be a well-known fitness influencer who articles workouts and personal content. She’s also a cancer survivor, so much of the girl content is certainly focused on staying optimistic and navigating hardships. Physical fitness gear plus apparel are the most natural fit with regard to this account’s Instagram fans.

9. Sadia Badiei

Niche: Plant-based nutrition

Main Social media marketing Channel: Youtube . com

Followers: 3. 8 million

Sadia Badiei runs the popular YouTube channel Pick Up Limes . Most of the content focuses on plant-based food and healthy recipes. Some videos also include overall wellness content material like decreasing stress plus building healthy habits.

10. Tieghan Gerard

Niche market: Recipes

Main Social Media Channel: Instagram

Fans: 4. a few million

Tieghan Gerard is the particular recipe blogger and meals photographer behind Half Baked Harvest. The girl has an active blog, cookbook, and multiple social accounts. Her instagram is full of quality recipes, meal plans, and lifestyle articles. Though not specifically about health, most recipes consist of whole foods ingredients.

11. Kayla Itsines

Niche: Fitness

Main Interpersonal Media Station: Instagram

Followers: fourteen. 3 mil

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer and co-founder of the Sweat application. Her Instagram profile is one of the most popular in the particular fitness specific niche market. Her 14. 3 million Instagram supporters mainly enjoy workouts plus fitness content, mixed with some food and way of life content. Fitness apparel, food brands, and sporting goods businesses may all be related to her audience.

12. Michelle Lewin

Market: Fitness

Main Social networking Channel: Instagram

Supporters: 14. eight million

Michelle Lewin is the model plus fitness changer who often posts exercises and it has the girl own line of fitness items. She will be participating in multiple social platforms, including YouTube, where she also shares healthy food content material. Lewin is usually from Venezuela. So the girl posts content material in both English and Spanish, making her an ideal partner for international brands.

13. Adrienne Mishler

Specialized niche: Yoga

Main Social Media Channel: YouTube

Followers: eleven. 1 mil

Adrienne Mishler operates the well-known Yoga With Adrienne Youtube . com channel. In addition in order to her free yoga articles, she runs a membership community upon her website and is active on additional social systems. She doesn’t do many brand relationships on YouTube. Yet she does have the presence on other social networking platforms like Instagram as well.

14. Doctor Deepika Chopra

Specific niche market: Behavioral Science and Mental Health

Major Social Press Channel: Instagram

Followers: 35, 400

Dr. Deepika Chopra is known as The Optimism Doctor. She stocks content related to happiness, mindset, and behavior change, all associated with which can impact physical health as well. Along with tips and advice, she gives glimpses of her own life to really relate to followers. So the girl account may be relevant regarding tons associated with lifestyle brand names.

How to Work with a Health Influencer

Once you’ve decided to utilize influencer marketing for your health-related business, here are the top steps to take:

  1. Find influencers within your niche market
  2. Reach out to them or their own representatives via email or even social media marketing
  3. Create campaign goals
  4. Sign the contract or agreement
  5. Give them creative control
  6. Measure strategy results

Who is definitely the most famous fitness influencer?

There are many popular fitness balances on Instagram and other social platforms. Kayla Itsines has more compared to 13 million followers just on Instagram. And the lady interacts with followers through her web site, app, plus other sociable platforms too. So she is one of the majority of famous Instagram influencers in this niche.

Who offers the most popular healthful recipes

There are numerous accounts that share healthy recipes upon social media, including Half Cooked Harvest, run by Tieghan Gerard. The lady currently has more than 4 mil Instagram fans, so she actually is one associated with the many popular accounts for balanced diet inspiration.

Who is the most famous medical influencer?

Doctor. Sanjay Gupta is currently one of the most popular names within healthcare. In addition to his millions of social media followers, he also operates a podcast and serves as a CNN contributor.

Who is the most famous gut health changer?

Dr. Megan Rossi (PhD, RD, APD) works the popular Instagram and Tweets accounts The particular Gut Health Doctor. There are several health influencers that post about stomach health occasionally. But her account can be one of the most widely used with the specific focus on gut health.

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